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Electrical Generator Installation

The installation of back-up generators for a residence is becoming increasingly more popular.  When your utility’s power lines are interrupted by storms and inclement weather, your homes power could be out for days.  Storms cause wind damage to our overhead power lines taking them out of commission.  Since storms effect multiple areas at once, it takes there road crews several days to reach everyone’s needs.  Sometimes, lighting strikes can cause massive damage to transformers and underground lines that can cause entire residences to be without power.  A back-up generator solves this issue.

When power to your home goes out, a transfer switch can automatically detect this interruption of power and start your stand-alone energy system.  These systems can be natural gas, propane, diesel or gasoline.  There are a number of options in selecting your stand-by systems such as type of energy used, load capacity, stand-alone or portable and the type of transfer that can be done.  Due to the complexity of these systems, an expert should be consulted before purchasing.

It is very important to get exactly the right parts for each individual install to insure proper functionality in a emergency situation.