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Electrical Panel Upgrades & Inspections


Have an old fuse panel, rusted breaker box? Do you need more power for your home to meet your needs?  To help clarify the differences between the type of work, a panel change is a direct replacement of your existing service while a service upgrade is changing the size of service from your power company. 

Let’s say you have a 100amp panel existing in your home and you want to do a kitchen remodel.  Most likely this would require a service upgrade to accommodate the new appliances and circuits that would need to be added.  We retrospect, if you had a 100amp old fuse panel or rusted breaker box, just changing the existing panel to a new one would be adequate to keep the integrity of your electrical needs.

When buying and selling a home, most inspectors or real estate agents look into the safety of your service breaker panel and request/require a panel change to insure proper protection of your electrical system.  In all homes with Federal Pacific Panels existing in their homes will be required to change them regardless.  The NFPA deemed these panels a fire hazard due to the ineffectiveness of their breakers not properly protecting their circuits.  All fused panels are obsolete technology and should be considered for a panel change.