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New or Additional Electrical Circuits

Newer appliances, additional lighting, ac units, furnaces, refrigerators and any other connected device that requires more demand on your existing electrical circuitry necessitates additional circuits to be pulled.  This additional work is to make sure the demand on a circuit does not surpass 80% of the allowable ampacity.  All appliances come with a set of instructions and installation guide.  Manufactures listing normally indicates that it requires certain wiring needs or special outlets. These needs can differ from appliance but it will list that a “certified electrician” wire these devices.  In order to comply with their strict manufacture warranty, these conditions must be met.  Consult your installation guide if you have any questions about the install, circuit demand, ampacity of the wiring and the type of wiring that must be connected.

Adding additional circuits for lighting, bathrooms and bedrooms is a great idea when dealing with overloading a circuit.  If the lights are on, fans are running in bedrooms and you try to run a vacuum and the circuit blows, you are overloaded on that circuit.  Separating power for each room will give you a much better control of power consumption and circuit overloading.  Today’s standard for bathrooms is to have a dedicated circuit for only the bathroom plugs and to serve no other outlets as per NEC Code.  A typical hair dryer will pull from 9-12amps on a 20amp circuit.