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Recessed Lighting


Recessed lighting is an excellent alternative for illuminating your home.  Whether you are looking for general lighting or accenting a beautiful art piece, recessed lighting is great choice. Newer homes typically come with one light in the center of a room or a switched outlet for chorded lamps which doesn’t account for furniture layout. 

This can simply be transformed into a lighting layout that best suits your needs.  A great feature and advantage to having recessed or accent lighting is the ability for dimming control. 

This dimmer can vary the amount light needed to create the ambiance throughout your room and residence.

Some of the options for recessed lighting are the type of light desired and to what application to which it is to be installed.  You can choose the wattage of bulb, style of bulb, size of the light fixture, style of trim, and even the direction the light is to shine.  With so many options and styles they have for recessed lights, the customer can personally choose each part to get the exact look and feel they desire.