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Wiring Inspection

Having your electrical service inspected is just as important as getting your car routinely checked and maintained. Making sure that you keep your electrical panel and meter in good working order insures your safety from electrical fires and hazards. 

In addition to your service, the National Electrical Code is constantly changing with technology and new standards.  Real estate agents have inspections done by a licensed professional in order to make sure things are up to code when purchasing your new home.  If these compliance inspections are made every time you buy and sell a home, shouldn’t these changes be made while you and your family are living in it?  Some of these codes require safety devices which are mandatory for all new buildings and residences such as ground fault/ arch fault protection and tamper resistant outlets-for child safety. 

Other crucial inspections, like dealing with life safety, should be done by a professional first.  After they deem it safe, the owner should be then consulted on how to provide these inspections on their own. For example, checking proper functionality of your home’s smoke detection systems should be done once a month.  Most people don’t know how to go about this procedure and live without even knowing there system they rely on doesn’t even work. 

Remember that the National Fire Protection Agency surveyed that 52% of house fires had non-functioning smoke detectors. Please don’t become a statistic; call BEC Electric for your inspection and safety consultation today.  We also offer maintenance packages that include these inspections and consultations.